I(t) Got Better…

So if you scroll down, you’ll see what my Thursday was like. I was sitting in my car, legally parked, and just relaxing on my lunch break. I had the seat back because I wanted to stretch out a bit, and even though it was cloudy, I decided to put my sun shade up for a little extra privacy.

1:00 rolls around and I’m starting to gather my stuff to go back to work.



And I scream. I knew INSTANTLY what that sound was. It was a large portion of the tree coming down ON TOP OF MY CAR!!!! WITH ME IN IT!!!!!

Thankfully, my seat was still back so I didn’t get conked on the head. And my sun shade was up so there was no flying glass. In fact, I walked away without so much as a bruise.

But my car? My poor little car? Totaled. As you can see from the pictures from the previous post.

So…A friend of a friend called a guy and now…I have THIS…
…a 2006 Ford Focus in Liquid Gray. It’s so pretttttty!

So the moral of the story…DON’T EVER PARK UNDER ANY TREES!!!!! They WILL come after you!

A Happier Guppy
aka a Fish with Sticks


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