She’s on Probation…

I took Eleanor out in public for the first time in a number of weeks. And after a shaky start and a little gentle scolding, she started behaving quite nicely. So she can now come out and play, but she’s on probation for a bit. I’ll see how she does at this Wednesday SnB.

In the meantime I’ve started another sock. I’m using Lorna’s Laces sock yarn for the first time. How yummy is THAT? Mmm. LOVE the feel of it while knitting and love the feel of the sock itself. I’m using the color “Jeans.” I also bought some Koigu sock yarn in a really pretty kelly green. I haven’t used Koigu yet, but I’m loving the LL so much, I think it’s going to have to wait for a bit.

I’m a bit puzzled. I saw a sock that you could wear with flip-flops. And I thought that would be PERFECT if I end up going to India next year with my family. But I can’t remember where I saw the pattern! IT seems to me it was a sock done in colors similar to LL’s “Sherbet” a kind of pale yellow and peachy orange, etc. I remember thinking it would be good to try, and I KNEW I’d remember where I saw it. (Stop laughing!) And now I can’t find anything I like quite as much.

So that’s all for now. Pictures soon, hopefully. I have a number of them from the Stitch ‘N Pitch and I want to take some progress pics.

The Guppy
aka The Fish with Sticks

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  1. There’s a free pattern for them on the Interweave Knits website, in the subscriber only section. Hope this helps. My Lady E is on permanent hiatus until I have more time to spend with her because I’m afraid of messing her up!

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