Merry Christmas!

I have had a fiber-filled Christmas so far! Last night I opened presents with my mom and I got some GREAT stuff.

As y’all know, my mom doesn’t knit. But our friend M does, and mom always goes to her to find out what I want fiber-wise. My mom always gets the perfect gifts. So this year, in addition to my many MANY Christmas ornaments this year (she picks them up for me when she travels), she also bought me a Swift and Ball Winder!!! YAY! I used to use M’s, and as “payment” I’d always wind a couple balls of her yarn, too. Now that I have a set, I told her she’d have to wind her own! She replied that now I have a set, she can just send it home with me. LOLOLOL

From M I got some ADORABLE Christmas ornaments of snowmen wearing knitted garments, a bunch of other knitting related things like the Spinner’s Companion. And she gave me a skein of Cherry Tree Hill’s Melange. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Oh, and a sheep windchime! He’s ADORABLE.

But the big news…I finished my mother’s Christmas present in time. I can’t tell you how much I was sweating that. LOL. I knit her a Lady Eleanor in Noro. I started it Halloween weekend and finished it at 3:30 p.m. Christmas Eve. She loved it. I had a mental breakdown at one point and thought “What if she doesn’t like it?” But then the brain kicked back in and I realized how stupid that was. LOLOL. First of all, she bought the yarn! And she knew I was going to make that for her, but I had told her that she wasn’t getting hers until I finished mine. And mine is a LONG WAY from being finished. LONG LONG WAY. And because all my knitting buddies were sworn to secrecy, she had no idea I had even STARTED it, much less was going to finish by Christmas. When I told both her and our friend M that bit about her not liking it, they both gave me identical stares that very clearly said “Oh, no! She’s finally snapped.”

So last night I gave her a “gift certificate” to take her shopping for silk, as she wants to line it. I also gave her the last ball of yarn for the fringe, and then she opened the box. She was stunned. Absolutely stunned. And another friend of mine makes jewelry, and I had ‘commissioned’ her to make a shawl pin and she came up with a really pretty one in hammered copper that’s PERFECT. I’m hoping to have pictures next week or the week after depending on how it goes.

So that’s been my Christmas so far. All in all a good one, if a bit bittersweet as it’s the first without my grandmother.

Off to dad’s now to make pierogi. Hope your holidays are fun, festive, and filled with the company of those you love. Stay safe.

The Guppy
aka the Fish with Sticks


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  1. As my dear Guppy has already stated, she finished my scarf and brought it to me on Christmas day. I was stunned. It wasn’t beautiful; it was spectacular and most unexpected! I had no idea that she had started it, and had roped in our joint friends to keep me in total darkness as to what she was planning. In addition, the shawl broach that she and another friend had designed and made was PERFECT not only in the execution of the broach, but the design and color really complemented the Lady Eleanor shawl and the wool that was used. This may have been a good Christmas for my Guppy, but this has been a great Christmas for me and this gift was one of the most precious and wonderful that I have ever received. I love the shawl, the pin and the fact that it was made by my Guppy for me makes it even more precious.

  2. Wow what a great holiday! Your mom’s scarf is just amazing – plus lining and a pin – what a great daughter you are. I am so glad that she appreciates it!
    I have tagged you for a silly meme going around – check my blog for instructions
    xo and happy new year

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