Wow. Hadn’t realized it has been quite this long since my last blog post! Sorry about that. LOL. Let’s see…what’s been happening? Well, I have some major MAJOR repairs to make to my house. I’ll be in construction for a long, long time. I might even bore you with it periodically. LOL.

I’ve started on Miriam Felton’s Icarus shawl (Ravel it!). I love it. I’m really enjoying knitting this. And I finally found the yarn I wanted in the color I wanted. I love Mim’s gray version (as seen on the cover of Best of Interweave Knits), but the story of Icarus, to me, calls for a fiery, hot, burning color. And I think this Malabrigo Lace is the perfect color. I wish it was in a smoother yarn like Zephyr, but this works for me. (As always, click for big)

I finished my Anthracite Shawl, but no FO pics as of yet. I’ve been busy with the whole house repair thing. Soon, hopefully. I just need a large space, some decent light, and 5 minutes. LOL. 

I spent some time last week with a friend of mine from Chicago. Katie’s actually now my friend from Iowa, but she’ll always be Katie From Chicago to me. LOLOL. We managed to do quite a bit considering she was staying in Anaheim and we only had two days. I’ll have more on that (including photos and BHN) later in the week.

Until then, I hope everyone’s staying safe and cool this holiday weekend!

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks


One response

  1. Oh help, I’d forgotten about Icarus! I yearned for that pattern, finally ran it to earth somewhere in BC, and then immediately got overwhelmed by the rising tide of OTHER lace shawls…

    Icarus, I’m coming back to you, I promise. And Lynda, I absolutely agree with you on the fiery, burning colour. It’s looking beautiful.

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