Citius, Alitius, Fortius…

…Faster, Higher, Stronger…Let The Games Begin!

Unfortunately I was required to actually WORK yesterday (I know! The nerve!) so I could only cast on before I had to start working…

But after knitting on my lunch break and then all during the opening ceremonies, I went to bed with my shawl looking like this…

I’m nearly halfway done with the rows, but by the time I get to the last row, my stitch count will be nearly double what it is now. Of all three pictures, the first shows the actual color of the yarn best. 

Now, about those opening ceremonies…


This was the first time I really wished I was there. It was so spectacular with the drums and dancers. And did you see those “printing blocks”?! How do you learn something like that?! For that matter, how do you remember what to do?! I think one of my favorite things, though, was one of the simplest…the painting. The one the dancers inked with their hands and feet and then the kids made the happy face sun, and after the Parade of Nations and all the athletes had walked the color across…amazing

I went looking for the yarn for one of my other Olympic projects, and I discovered I don’t have as much as I thought I did. Drat! And because of the construction at Chez Guppy I can’t get at most of my stash to see if there’s something else I could use.

Ah, well. I have 17 16 days. I’ll think of something.

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks


One response

  1. I was able to see the Opening Ceremonies only because I was sick and had to call off work… never have I been so happy to be feeling icky. That was just an amazing, dramatic, artistic presentation. (You just know that the team planning the equivalent for London looked at one another and said, “Oh, crap…”! Back to the drawing board, ladies and gentlemen!)

    The drummers were incredible. Those printing blocks were brilliant. (We would have come up with a bazillion-dollar computer to “run” both of those portions!) The tai chi masters, the way they stayed in perfect symmetrical circles… It was all just stunning. And then that little boy who marched beside Yao Ming. If there was a dry eye in the house, it must have been because they were dehydrated!

    Good luck on the knitting projects!

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