Just For Jeanne

My cousin Jeanne from “across the pond” has been nagging me long distance. Seems she thinks it’s time I updated my blog. (she’s right, of course, but please don’t tell her, otherwise I’ll never hear the end of it *grin*) So this one’s just for her.

End of the year recap (okay, so I’m a little late!)

Knitting I’ve finished this year:

My Olympic Peace Shawl…

My Anthracite Shawl…

Cynthia’s Comfort Blanket…

Tavi’s Stocking (including the Sacred Brush)…

And finally, Rani’s Stocking (including a new CrackBunny)…

I started a number of projects, too, and I’m still working on some from two years ago last year. And since things are tight right now, I’m really making an effort to knit from my stash and to finish projects I’m currently working on.

This year is really The Year of the Shawl, as I have a number of them on the needles, such as the Diamond Fantasy Shawl, Miriam Felton’s fantastic Icarus, and I’m searching my stash for yarn to use for the Forest Canopy Shawl. Not to mention the Mystery Shawl 4 I need to finish. 

And if you’re wondering if I’ve forsaken scarves, let me put your minds at ease. I’ve got a scarf in Malabrigo, a scarf in Atacama, a scarf in Kureyon sock yarn (a mini clapotis), and a scarf in Shepherd Sport Twist. LOL And I’m working on them pretty much 1-2 rows at a time. Slow and steady, right? Every little stitch counts?

And speaking of counting, the KnitMeter tells me that just counting the projects I finished last year, I knit 2.65 miles last year. Whew! No wonder my hands are tired!

So there you go, Jeanne. One just for you. LOLOL Love you!

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks


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