D is for…

…Daffodils. I love Daffodils. They’re such a happy, cheerful flower. I love the ruffled edges. They’re ridiculously cheap at Trader Joe’s, they last forever, and they brighten my mood whenever I see them. Not to mention they’re a harbinger of spring. The only downside to Daffodils is that they’re poisonous to cats, and since Rani sees plants or flowers (and Christmas Ornaments) as between-meal snacks I don’t dare bring them in the house.

Daffodils look great in large bunches…

Or one at a time…

I like to play with my camera and try taking pictures at angles I couldn’t possibly bend and twist and stretch to get, so I hold my camera out, down, over and click the shutter without being able to look through the viewfinder. Most of the time Sometimes you get pictures like this…

But occasionally you can get a picture like this. Of all the ones I took, this is one of my favorites…

I love Daffodils.

And in case you were wondering if I’ll ever have knitting content again, check back tomorrow. It’ll be all knitting. I promise!

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks


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