Unleash Hell!* (#1 of 30)

Except…not really. LOL I’m stating here my intention to participate in NaBloWriMo** in support of my pals who have joined in for NaNoWriMo.***

Help me. 

Seriously. I just checked and I’ve blogged about 5 times this year. And  now I’m supposed to do 30 posts in 30 days? (Pause for hysterical laughter from my “good friends” to die down) Wish me luck. My problem is finding 30 things to talk about! LOL.

So here it is. Post 1 of 30. Let’s see how long it lasts, eh? LOL.

Lynda the Guppy
aka Fish With Sticks
aka I Thought THIS Was A Good Idea?!

*”Unleash hell” At the beginning of Gladiator, Russell Crowe is pumping up the troops and tells them to “Unleash hell,” meaning fiery warfare from which there is no return. Amazing how many people thought he was talking about the dog and that the dog was named “Hell.” People confuse me.

**NaBloWriMo = National Blog Writing Month. A blog post a day for the entire month of November. IOW crazy town for bloggers.

 ***NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month. Write like a demon (or a dog named Hell) for a month, and at the end of the month, good or bad, you have a full-length novel. IOW Crazysauce with a side of OMG What Did I DO?! for writers.


4 responses

  1. P.S. That was me not looking at the autofill to make sure my whole name was there. I’m not so vain that I assume all my friends automatically know it’s me when I sign things C.

  2. Well, one way to approach an anthology is to do multiple “stories” on a common theme. I can give you a suggestion which I guarantee would give you at least 30 days worth of blogpost ideas… or would that make it too easy?

    Pet Peeves.

    Writing about a Pet Peeve a day? Hell,* you’d put Scheherazade to shame.


  3. @Connie…I’ll read yours every day, too. Signed, L.

    @Cyn…Hmmm….Good point. I have lots of ideas about Peeves. Grammatical…typographical…CNNical (like today)…I’ll be sure to work them in.

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