Goodies (#5 of 30)

Can you believe it? Here it is, Guy Fawkes Day, and I’m still on track! Whoo hooo!

Today’s post is brought to you by request of Sweet Connie of the Dual Personality. She requested pictures of my goodies from Vogue Knitting Live, so here you go.

These are stitch markers I picked up at Knitifacts. The red and black ones will be used on my knitting. The sheep, fish, and pumpkin are being worn as pendants on black cord.

Next up is the Koigu. Don’t remember which vendor I purchased it from, but they had lots of yummy Koigu. I’ll be (eventually) making a Barn Raising Quilt (Ravel it!) using all Koigu, and 72 skeins of it to be exact, so I’ve been collecting single skeins of colors when I find them. 

And as a “just because” present, my friend and fellow Yarnivore Alyson bought me this shawl pin I was eyeing.

It has an antique chinese coin and a small elephant hanging from the end.

Finally, and unpictured, was some SOAK that I purchased from the SOAK booth. I was getting low, and I like the unscented stuff for washing and blocking knitted gifts, as people can be very sensitive to smells. I also picked up a 10-pack of the scented SOAK, as I wanted to try it and see if I like it for my wools.

That’s it! That’s all I purchased! There were lots of yummy yarns (including bison!), but I had barely unpacked from The WEBS trip where I had purchased all the yarns in all the land, so the thought of buying MORE yarn was just ridiculous. I made an exception for m BRQ project, but that doesn’t count. LOL. 

Lynda the Guppy
aka Fish With Sticks
aka All My Money Is Tied Up In Yarn 




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